Wildcard Weekend 2017

Well, the Doughnut Party is off to a late start this year, but that does not mean that the competition is any less fervent than ever. Here’s where we stand after the first week:

Isn’t it nice to see outofthefryingpan on top of the leaderboard? I think so. But he or she should not get too comfortable, as wildcard weekend scores really don’t mean much. Many of our teams have “bye players,” meaning players on teams that did not play in the wildcard round. Those bye players couldn’t contribute to this week’s score, but they are queued up for 2X damage next week.

Here’s how many bye players each of the DP coaches deployed last weekend:

You can see that two of our teams, the DONs and titleixforce, went for 100% bye players. And five teams used none, including this week’s point leader and runner up. If you think you are seeing a correlation between points and the number of bye players, you may be onto something:

In general, the fewer bye players a team had, the more points they scored. This is due to the subtle principle known as “ONLY PLAYERS WHO ACTUALLY PLAY CAN SCORE POINTS.”

We have one last chart for you. This shows how many points each team scored per player played. Meaning, if you had 4 bye players and 4 players who played last week, what what your average score just for the players who actually played in the wildcard round? I’m glad you asked:

In general, this is a good indication of which coaches are good at picking players who rack up points.  I see a lot of familiar names at the top of this list… and some new names too.

Thank you all for playing and good luck next week!


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