Conference Championship Results 2016

There’s only one game to go! Here’s where things stand as of now:

2016 conference bar chart overall

Attentive readers may have noticed that one of our Head Coaches changed his or her team name. Why would one change from “Victory is Assured” to “Victory is Not Assured?” Maybe some other charts can help answer that question.

Here are the scores for this week (Conference Championships) only:

2016 conference week only

Here are the multipliers going into the Superbowl:

2016 super bowl multiplier fixed

Hmm, Victory has a good multiplier, but not the best.  Look who does have the best – a familiar name.

Here are the predicted final scores, using the DPSBPM (doughnut party super bowl prediction model):

2016 Predicted Final Score fixed



If you want to check out the data yourself, click here.

Divisional Weekend Results 2016


The divisional games have been played, and the Doughnut Party leaderboard has been turned upside down, as usually happens at this point in the competition.  Here are the overall results as of now:

2016 divisional weekend bar chart

Here are the results if we look only at this weekend’s games:

Doughnut Party 2014 divisional weekend weekly

A key to victory in this league is selecting players who are on teams that win, so that your multiplier goes up.  So looking ahead to next week, here’s the average multiplier that each team will have:

2016 Conference Multiplier by Player

The maxium you can have is 3.0: that would mean that all of your players were already at 2x multiplier in the Divisional round, and they were all on teams that won.  The lowest possible multiplier is 1.0.

It may not take an advanced degree in Footballology to interpret these results… but I look forward to hearing what the Dr. has to say nonetheless.

If you want to check out the data yourself, click here.

Wildcard Weekend Results 2016


Here is some interesting data from wildcard weekend. Well, some of you might find it interesting anyway.

First, the leaderboard.  There is a clear leader.

doughnut party wildcard weekend 2016

But, many of the teams had bye players.  Here’s how many bye players each team had:

wildcard bye players 2016

So to see who made the best choices regarding players who actually were on teams that played in a wildcard game, we can look at points per player who played.  Here again, we have a clear leader (but not the same one).

wildcard points per player played 2016

Last, here’s a plot of total points vs. number of bye players.  Not surprisingly, it is pretty linear.  If you are below the line, you did worse than average.  If you are above the line, you did better.  That dot with the red circle around it is Joe Roth, who had the highest score per player played in the wildcard round.

wildcard bye players analysis 2016

If you want to check out the data yourself, click here.

2015 Award Ceremony

The excitement was palpable at the Sixth Annual Doughnut Party Award Ceremony and Champagne Brunch last Sunday. The assembled crowd whispered reverently as DP legends made their way across the threshold at Doughnut Party Headquarters. Former Rookies of the Year awesomeawesomawesome guacamole and Pitchfork76ers strolled in with the casual grace of elite athletes. Season 1 Champion Son of Sanford and Son (née Fattpigg) hushed the crowd as he entered the facility. TitleIXForce was seen whispering conspiratorially with mystery rookies Fit and Fine and jacobsmarley as Om-Shine cut beignets like they were underperforming wide receivers. And the food! We all have our work cut out for us in the offseason.

For those of you who missed it, here’s the award presentation by the Dr. of Footballology:

And here’s what some of the pre-ceremony preparations looked like:


Doughball Found to be Under-inflated

During a routine pre-game inspection the Official Football of the Doughnut Party, colloquially known as the Doughball, was found to be under-inflated. Way, way under-inflated. It was softer than a pillow.

Given the Doughnut Party Equipment Maintenance Protocols currently in effect, it is possible that the ball has been in this condition for the entire playoffs, and maybe for the whole NFL season.

What impact has this had on Doughnut Party competition? There is no way to know for sure. But fortunately the issue was discovered by league officials in time to correct it for the Superbowl. Nik B, head coach of Ominousunshine, personally re-inflated the ball to meet league specifications, to the extent that those are known or exist.

Nik B and the Doughball
Nik B carefully restores the Doughball to game-ready condition, just in time for the Superbowl.