Doughnut Party Champion LI: titleixforce! Head Coach Jennifer C.

Way back in Doughnut Party Season XLV, titleixforce missed the championship by the thinnest possible margin. And that’s not just sportswriter hyperbole; after leading the competition for the entire playoffs, she ended up losing to Slim Sadies Sly Superbowlers (Head Coach Julie S.) but exactly 1 point. 611 to 612. That had to hurt.

So this year’s victory must be especially sweet for titleixforce Head Coach Jennifer C. Her teams are always tough. She has placed 7th or higher in 5 of the past 7 seasons. But somehow the Dougball always evaded her—until now. This year, with a lineup that was unchanged from wildcard weekend through the Superbowl, she emerged on top.

Congratulations titleixforce!  And congratulations also to 2nd place finisher Hijo de Sanford y Hijo, who had the highest Superbowl score in the league (318 points vs. titleixforce’s 300) and almost pulled of an upset victory.

Thank you everyone for playing. Get some rest in the offseason, give those mouse-button muscles time to heal, and see you next year!

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