Divisional Weekend Results 2015

The competition is heating up. Here’s what the leaderboard looks like now:

2015 DP Divisional Bar Chart by Score


Here’s how teams stand in terms of player multipliers headed into the Conference Championship games. The highest possible multiplier is 24; that is, 8 players at 3x each.  Only one team in our league has that – it’s PaulPlaceholder with his All-Seahawks team.

2015 Conference Multiplier


So if you look at the standings but sort by multiplier, here’s what you get:

2015 DP Divisional Bar Chart by MultiplierAwkwardo, Ominousunshine, and TitleIXforce are tied for second place at the moment, but Awkwardo also has a very high multiplier. Interesting! We will have to wait for the next podcast to find out what the Dr. thinks of all this…

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