Conference Championships 2017

Apparently my offer of “thanks for your cooperation,” which attentive readers will recall from last week, was premature. Because no teams with uniforms that include the color yellow were victorious last week (or held a lead at any point in time).

So with melancholy hearts, we bid adieu to the Packers and Steelers.

The impact on the Doughnut Party leader board was dramatic:

But, look who is leading the way now: titleixforce!  I must say that it is deeply gratifying in this new era to see the champion of fairness and equality at the top of the list. Congratulations titleixforce. You rocketed from 14th place to 1st in one game. And with 611 points and a Superbowl roster 100% filled with 4x players, the future looks bright.

The teams currently in second and third are almost tied: Hijo de Sanford y Hijo (583) and
Turquoise Ocean 34 (582).  Nice work! son of son of sanford and son is also close with an impressive 574.

Here’s a line chart that shows the history so far:

Thank you everyone, good luck in two weeks, and I hope to see you at the Award Ceremony on Saturday Feb 18!

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