Conference Championship Results 2016

There’s only one game to go! Here’s where things stand as of now:

2016 conference bar chart overall

Attentive readers may have noticed that one of our Head Coaches changed his or her team name. Why would one change from “Victory is Assured” to “Victory is Not Assured?” Maybe some other charts can help answer that question.

Here are the scores for this week (Conference Championships) only:

2016 conference week only

Here are the multipliers going into the Superbowl:

2016 super bowl multiplier fixed

Hmm, Victory has a good multiplier, but not the best.  Look who does have the best – a familiar name.

Here are the predicted final scores, using the DPSBPM (doughnut party super bowl prediction model):

2016 Predicted Final Score fixed



If you want to check out the data yourself, click here.

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